Acupuncture restores the smooth flow of qi. By inserting and manipulating needles at specific points on the body, we are able to return the body to its natural balance and promote the body's ability to heal itself.

Tibetan Foot Soaks

Tibetan Herbal Foot Soaks are a safe effective and relaxing therapy for many conditions. They are composed of herbs from Tibet and China that are responsibly wild-crafted. Helps to improve mobility and increase endurance to promote healing from pain issues. Indirectly has detoxification effects to help balance the gut. Works with the endocrine system to regulate hormones.

Affordable Acupuncture

Affordable Acupuncture is a way to enjoy the benefits of acupuncture in a quiet group setting. Our mission is to provide quality treatment at an affordable price. We want to provide a service that is accessible to all and improves the health of the community.

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